sensual, nourishing && rich ..

eclectic, old-soul, jazz, folk && blues

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photo by  Sarah Kathleen

Performing an atmospheric blend of eclectic, old soul, jazz & blues,
Nicole Stromsoe's voice has been described as nourishing, sensual, and rich in quality.  
With clarity and presence, she shapes a distinctive experience for her listeners;
expressed from a resounding source of emotional intelligence.

Nicole is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music (Boston).
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A vocalist with a strong command of a wide variety of genres including jazz, blues and folk, Nicole Stromsoe effortlessly draws from her musical influences and presents her listeners with a sound and style that is soulful, authentic and uniquely her own.
Graham Dechter, Jazz Guitarist
Her voice is over the moon with stunning emotion, depth, range and timbre. Nicole gives me goosebumps when she sings.
Jacalyn Kreitzer, Vocologist && Mezzo-Soprano
Nicole Stromsoe brings the same sort of experimentation and fresh interpretation to her jazz and blues music as, say, a Cassandra Wilson. The acoustic instrumentation provided by Dorian Michael (guitar), Ken Hustad (bass), and Dean Giles (drums) offers just the right touch to her evocative voice.
— Glen Starkey, New Times SLO